Cutting back a shrub

Posted Wed 25 January 2017 in garden

I decide to cut back one of the shrubs that is growing over the lawn. It is planted very near to the fence but grows forward away from it. The fence just behind is broken and maybe these things are related.

Cutting it back just reveals how thick and woody it is at the bottom. I sawed off many of the thicker branches and would do some more but I want to see how much it is going to grow back first.

shrub trimmed

This picture kind of shows the tangled mess of branches near the bottom, although it is worse than it looks here. I may end up removing the whole thing if it turns out to be not very interesting.

shrub lower


There are a lot more daffodils now showing. After cutting down the bush and clearing away some of montbretia they are much more visible.


Pheasant berry tree

I also pruned this back a little. Mostly to remove some of the browner branches.

pheasant berry bush

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