Six things in the garden today

There is finally enough new going on that I'm able to put together a six on Saturday after missing a few weeks. Even still there are repeats...

1 Cyclamen

I bought this recently and planted it somewhat under the Choisya and Holly shrubs. Not sure if it will survive for next year, but I recon that it is in the best place possible that I have for it.

Its already a bit of a favourite. Its a little bit hidden, so it is a joy whenever I notice it.

Photo 5727

2 Rosemary beetles

I first saw these on my Salvia Wendy's wish. Today I also saw one on the lavender as I was trimming back some of the old flower heads. I thought I better check the Rosemary more carefully and indeed there was a few on there as well.

They are too small to really see how colourful they are …

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Corkscrew hazel - catkins appearing

When I arrived, there were already undeveloped catkins on the tree, but of course there were no leaves at all. Today, they are already showing before the leaves have fallen. Since they are already quite large, they must have been developing for a little while already.

This is quite suprising to me, as they finally opened out in March this year so it seems that they spend around six months in the undeveloped form over winter.

Photo 5720

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I bought and planted this Cyclamen last weekend. It is somewhat hidden from view so when I happen to see it, I smile a little.

Not sure if it going to be completely hardy over winter as it looks a little bit too pretty. We shall see.

Photo 5714

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End of September round up


A few bright sunny days, but also a lot of rain. I've not been taking good notes, but it seems like there were no rain free periods longer than a day or so.


Overall there is not a lot of difference between what was flowering at the end of August and the end of September.

I think I forgot to mention the yellow Loosestrife in the last roundup and the flowers had almost finished by the end of August. However a few flowers lingered on all the way through September.


I can't say I like these that much and in spite of their reputation these ones are not a magnet for bees and butterflies. However they are providing the only bit of colour in the left border at the moment which is very welcome.

Photo 5696

Winter jasmine

The winter jasmine is starting to flower. This was one of …

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Six on the last day of September

Today summed up September pretty well - it started off sunny, then it rained heavily and then it got sunny again. A story repeated over and over throughout the month. At least it was fairly calm.

It is getting harder to come up with a whole six things and I was going to skip this week, but once the sun came out again I managed to get a few photos.

1 Primula

This Primrose is in the border by the side of the house where even the weeds struggle to grow. It and the winter jasmine were the only plants in flower when I arrived here at the beginning of the year. More and more I can feel the year's cycle beginning to close.

You can see how it was originally a few pictures down into the original January post - it does look a bit happier now.

It also reminds me …

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Rosemary beetle

I saw a couple of beetles on my Salvia "Wendy's wish", they were quite small so I couldn't be sure, but I had a feeling that they might be Rosemary beetles. I took a picture so I could take a closer look and it does indeed look like one. As far as I know there is nothing similar that isn't very rare.

I knew that they were a pest of Rosemary (obviously!) and Lavender so looked them up and it does say that they are also to be found on Salvia (and Thyme) species as well.

Photo 5686

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Comma butterfly

I was lucky to see a comma butterfly in the garden today. I know that they are quite widespread and fairly common, but I've only ever seen a few of them, so to me, it is quite special to see one, especially as it stayed so long.

It spent all its time on the Verbena bonariensis, sometimes flying away as if to see if there was anything better, but always coming back.

Photo 5680

Photo 5682

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