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This year I thought I would try out buying bulbs via mail order. I was mainly looking for tulips and I did some research to find varieties that flower year after year. As it happened I ended up with a lot of bulbs, but not so many tulips!

I've also got the tulips in the trough container which have been multiplying over the years. I removed a few which I will plant in the ground. They already had shoots and a few roots.

Also, I got some smaller daffodils, 'February gold' and 'Jetfire'. Some more Ipheion 'Charlotte Bishop', and some I. 'Jessie' which were recommended by Jim and look good.

Also more anemones which I shall spread all over, they flower early and then disappear, so they will go well beneath later growing plants.

Finally some spring flowering Gladioli, and blue Alliums.

They were from Rose cottage plants

Here is the full list.

  • Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus AGM Pack of 5 bulbs
  • Tulipa 'Ballade' AGM Pack of 10 bulbs
  • Tulipa kolpakowskiana Pack of 10 bulbs
  • Tulipa schrenkii Pack of 3 bulbs
  • Hyacinthoides non-scripta (English bluebell) Pack of 10 bulbs
  • Allium caeruleum Pack of 20 bulbs
  • Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica Pack of 20 bulbs
  • Narcissus 'February Gold' AGM Pack of 10 bulbs
  • Narcissus 'Jetfire' AGM Pack of 10 bulbs
  • Ipheion 'Jessie' Pack of 50 bulbs
  • Ipheion 'Charlotte Bishop' Pack of 50 bulbs
  • Anemone blanda 'Blue Shades' Pack of 100 bulbs

They came in a cardboard box with newspaper padding. Each set of bulbs was in an individual labeled brown paper packet.

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