Recent snow damage?

Over the weekend we had a little bit of snow, just a thin covering. It wasn't that cold although it was very breezy for several days in a row. It was all preceded by very persistent rain, so everything was already soaked. The plant pots froze but I'm not sure about the ground - perhaps just for a day.

I was not expecting this cold spell therefore to cause any problems as this was a much shorter and seemingly less severe episode than previously.

In fact there appears to be a fair amount of new damage I've noticed and it would be interesting to know why. It is possible that the thick layer of snow previously was more protecting or the wind had an effect

My Physostegia has remained green throughout the winter, but all of a sudden it is looking rather wilted.

Photo 6092

This Aquilegia has curled damaged edges around many of its leaves (I don't think it is the dreaded mildew - this has just happened).

Photo 6094

This Salvia has lost the last remnants of any green leaves it previously had.

Photo 6095

One Lupin is looking a bit worse for wear, the other three are OK as is, as far as I can tell, everything else in the pots. I left them all outside.

Photo 6098

Anyway the forecast is warmer for the next two weeks so should see some growth now.

Last year at this time there were several daffodils out, this year not one is fully out yet.

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