Six things this fine day

It has been a lovely mostly sunny week and today was no different. There has been a slight frost, but not enough to kill anything off.

So here are six things in the garden today, for lots more head on over to the The propagator blog to see what is going on in gardens elsewhere.

1. A daffodil peeks above the surface

The first daffodil shoots are appearing already. Seems a bit early, but perhaps they just stay about that size over the winter. Certainly when I moved in this January they were about this size too.

Last year, there was a lot of Montbretia mixed in with the daffodils, I've tried to remove it all, but no doubt some will have survived.

Photo 5781

2. At last - more than two flowers at a time

The Geranium "Rozanne" has been shown before, but it has never had more than one or two flowers on it. Currently there are plenty of buds and 4 flowers fully out with a fifth one nearly so.

This bodes well for next year.

Photo 5779

3. Little Rudbeckia's

Another good sign for next year is that the Rudbeckia plant is now surrounded by little plantlets such as the one here. So it is heading towards being a nice little clump next year and it will be easy to separate them and start a new clump elsewhere.

You might have noticed that a few Montbretia linger on here too. I will win...

Photo 5784

4. Hypericum survives its major trim

This shrub was rather large and untidy, so as soon as the flowers appeared to be over I cut it right back to the stump. It has successfully grown back and I shall try to keep it a bit smaller and certainly tidier.

Photo 5778

5. Penstemon flowering again

Its only ever had one spike of flowers at a time, but still it keeps on flowering.

Photo 5783

6. Lobelia still hanging in there

This is one of the Lobelias I grew from seed, it is planted by the side of the house where even the weeds don't grow. Unlike the ones planted in the containers, this one has not got at all bushy. But still given where it is planted it is doing well.

Photo 5777

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