Garden original - left border

These are the pictures of how things were in the garden on the 8th Jan. I have no idea what many of the plants that are still visible are, or what is going to grow throughout the year.

It is split into three parts. This is the left hand side of the garden looking from the house. It is on the south west side of the garden. It is in shadow from other houses and the fence for most of the day. This side of the garden is less wet than the other side.

This is the beginning of the area that runs along side the house. There are a variety of small shrubs and creeping vines.

There is a patch of what I am guessing is Montbretia, but could be some other Iris like thing.

There is a climbing plant along a trellis. It is completely dormant, in fact it looks dead, will have to wait to see if it sprouts into life later.

A creeping vine like thing, some more montbretia and some shrubs.

A primrose. All by itself. Doesn't seem to be too happy where it is.

This is a rather impressing looking tree in the winter. I'm guessing it is a corkscrew hazel. There are catkins, although they are shorter than you see in pictures of this tree.

There is more montbretia and another of the unidentified evergreen shrubs.

There is a holly and perhaps a choysia. These are growing into each other and also close to the hazel, so I will probably remove one or both of them eventually.

Look like some sedums.

The sedums are starting to grow already.

Originally I thought dogwood, but there are a few leaves that are willow like, and I have indeed seen that there are kinds of willow that look like this. Update: later, after flowering I believe it to be a Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'.

Rather attractive leaves, but it is somewhat old and hollow in the middle. The green leaves at the back actually belong to the same plant. It probably needs cutting back, but I need to know if it is going to grow from the middle again.

Another unidentified bush. There is some evidence of flowers, it is already starting to grow new shoots. It is planted quite near the fence and is mostly growing forward and is now over the lawn and crowding plants either side of it.

A small Laurel bush. Somewhat overshadowed by the previous bush.

Looks like a heather. Growing to near to the fence for my liking.

Some daffodils starting to grow

The first patch of this plant. It will be interesting to see what it is when it grows again. I've looked at lots of pictures of plants that grow well in this kind of soil and my guess is that it is Yellow Loosestrife, could be completely wrong though.

This is lovely tree, no leaves but some red berries. No idea what it is, will have to wait for spring.

Next there is an evergreen shrub. I'm guessing its a Cotoneaster.

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