More shredding fun

I cut down the final two shrubs in the house-side row at the front of the house today. Cutting them down is the quickest part of the process, shredding them including all the preparation time is the main part of the effort. So far in total there is a full 4 tubs, with another nearly full, so a bit under 200L. I didn't get through all the shredding so there is another two shrubs or so to go.

I spread the 4 tubs worth across the front garden and the back right corner of the rear garden - it didn't go very far.

The star of the operation was this pruning saw I got for under 7 pounds. I didn't think much of it previously - it doesn't close properly and it is on the large side for most of the jobs I've used it for before. Having said that it made very light work of cutting through the shrub trunks, so its been pretty good after all.

Photo 5805

Photo 5806

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